Processed Vegetables & Potato

Oxbo continues to deliver innovative and reliable harvesting solutions to the processing vegetable industry. For over 40 years Oxbo has designed and manufactured equipment that gets these time-sensitive crops harvested quickly at the highest quality.

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Seed Corn

Oxbo is proud to introduce the Future of Seed Corn harvesting: The Revolutionary 8840 seed corn harvester. Our new seed corn harvester has increased productivity, improved trash removal, minimized kernel loss and improved operator comfort.

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For over 25 years coffee growers around the world have turned to the reliable performance of the Oxbo 9200. The new 9220 has proven to deliver quality coffee, high productivity, increased capacity while reducing labor costs and improving operator comfort.

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Oxbo offers a line of high quality mergers and dump carts that deliver long service life and high productivity levels in the field. Plus, Oxbo forage products are backed by local dealers and Oxbo's commitment to superior customer service.

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Oxbo offers a variety of innovative wine, juice, and raisin grape harvesting solutions providing high productivity, reliability and outstanding field support from local dealers and company support staff. “PremiumSort”, an onboard sorting and cleaning system provides excellent results in higher tonnage and available for some models.

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Oxbo offers a variety of blueberry and raspberry harvesters with the goal of providing growers with reliable, innovative products capable of delivering fresh market quality blueberries and IQF raspberries.

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Oxbo delivers a custom harvesting solution to the Super High Density Olive market. The American made Oxbo 6430 delivers in-field reliability, productivity, and harvest quality.

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Fresh Market Vegetables

Oxbo provides reliable new (and used) self-propelled and tow behind harvesters for fresh market beans and sweet corn that reduces labor requirements and time in the field.

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Sprayers & Spreaders

After almost 20 years of building the largest distribution of high-clearance, front-boom sprayers, Oxbo is excited to announce we have developed a new line of products for you, our valued customer. 

                                       Applying Innovation, Delivering Customer Service

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Technology & Innovation

Oxbo is a leader in technology innovations for specialty agriculture. We partner with industry leaders and customers to rapidly design, adapt, and integrate solutions into our global equipment portfolio.

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We design, manufacture, & distribute innovative harvesting equipment and related products.

We are dedicated to providing innovative and dependable solutions to agribusiness worldwide. We are focused on providing technologically advanced equipment, designed to improve harvested product quality, increase productivity, and ultimately, products that help for our customers become more profitable.

We are the leader in niche market agricultural equipment, partnering with our customer to drive innovation, product development, and harvesting efficiencies. Our company is large enough to drive innovation and small enough to build relationships.


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