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Oxbo 9000 Berry Harvester


Oxbo 9000 blackberry harvester

The Oxbo 9000 has a wide 55 inch picking tunnel to accommodate more vigorous raspberry varieties.  With a curved belt and spacious design, the 9000 can accommodate up to three inspectors to help you achieve IQF fruit when conditions allow. The 9000 features auto-steer and auto-leveling to ensure the highest in fruit retention along with a Cummins engine for reliability and longevity. Available with the Orbirotor, Dynarotor or Sway picking systems to best suit your needs.

Oxbo backs every Model 9000 with local parts and service, both through dealers and through Oxbo facilities.

  • Curved belt delivery system - The belting system provides minimal drops for high fruit volume without sacrificing fruit quality.
  • Knife edge cleaning system - Positioned at the first belt transition, this system gently and effectively blows debris out of the fruit.
  • Large Inspector area - Accomodates up to three inspectors to allow growers to get IQF fruit when conditions are right.
  • Wide picking tunnel - The 55" picking tunnel allows you to pick more vigorous raspberry varieties. It will not compress the plant like smaller tunnels, resulting in a better product.
  • Picking system choices -  Your choice in picking heads, including the industry-leading Orbirotor, allows you to customize the 9000 to your field conditions.
Length 18ft (5.49m)
Shipping length 11ft 4in (3.45m)
Shipping width 10ft (3.05m
Width 10ft 9in (3.28m) 18-inch deck
Tunnel width 4ft 7in (1.40m)
Minimum height 10ft 10in (3.30m)
Tunnel height minimum 7ft 3in (2.21m)
Effective catching length 10ft (3.05m)
Inside catchers 2ft 1in (0.64m)
Lift 2ft (0.61m)
Tire size 38 x 20-16.1
Optional tires 600/40-22.5
Cleaning System Knife edge and Fluid bed 
Engine Cummins® 65hp diesel
Tank Capacities
Fuel 31 gallons (117L)
Hydraulic tank volume 18 gallons (68L)
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Oxbo 9000 - Rasberries

Oxbo 9000 Raspberry harvester

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