Oxbo 9120 has been named a Top 10 New Product at the 2012 World Ag Expo :: Read More!

The Oxbo 9120 Raspberry Harvester has also been awarded a 2012 AE50 award as one of the top 50 innovative new products produced in 2011 :: Read More!

Oxbo 9120 Raspberry Harvester

Oxbo 9120 IQF Raspberry HarvesterIQF Harvester: Oxbo is proud to introduce the new model 9120, designed to harvest IQF raspberries. Working with industry experts, Oxbo design engineers built the 9120 with a fruit delivery system geared toward maintaining the highest possible fruit quality from the plant to the flat.

Superior Fruit: The 9120 delivers several features aimed at maintaining your fruit quality:

  • Minimal drops, minimal drop height: Minimal fruit transitions and the lowest drop height increase quality.
  • NEW fluid bed cleaning system: The improved cleaning action of the 9120 efficiently and effectively removes debris and is still gentle on the fruit.
  • Orbirotor® system: This rotary style head has set the industry standard. It moves freely with the plant and gently removes ripe berries
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