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Oxbo offers a line of high quality mergers and dump carts that deliver long service life and high productivity levels in the field. Plus, Oxbo forage products are backed by local dealers and Oxbo's commitment to superior customer service.

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Oxbo 4334 Self-Propelled Merger

Oxbo is Proud to Announce the World's First Self-Propelled Merger

Oxbo triple mergers

Oxbo worked with customers around the country to design and develop the first self-propelled merger, the Oxbo 4334. The Oxbo 4334 offers all of the traditional benefits of merging--low ash content, fewer rocks in the windrow, more consistent windrows, and the ability to achieve hay in a day--with new benefits, unique to the self-propelled design with the pickup heads in front: increased forage quality, unprecedented operator control and comfort, and high in-field capacity.


Oxbo 2330

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Oxbo 2334

Oxbo 334 Triple Merger

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Oxbo 918 Single Merger

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Oxbo 1416 Twin Merger

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Oxbo 1800 Twin Merger

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Oxbo 35 Series Dump Carts