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Oxbo Twin Merger: Delivering High Quality ForageOxbo 1416 Twin Merger

Oxbo brings a decade of experience to its line of mergers.

The Oxbo 1416 merger deliver ground clearance for rough, hilly conditions, and for moving in and out of fields and driveways. The rear steering significantly aids all maneuvering, making it easier to handle tight or square headland turns and to return on adjacent windrows. Oxbo merger gives you the ability to merge to the right, left or center with a dual pickup configuration provides more versatility than any other unit available.

  • Ground clearance - Oxbo mergers provide the ground clearance you need to operate in rough or hilly conditions and to get in and out of the field
  • Rear steering - Increases maneuverability and makes it easier to handle in tight or square headlines and to return on adjacent windrows
  • Simple folding - Folds to 14ft 2in for easy transport between fields
  • Multi-stage lift - Oxbo twin mergers provide several stages of lift for easy field navigation. The first lift stage raises the pickup assembly off the ground to raise the tines in severely uneven ground conditions. The second stage raises the conveyor assembly, maintaining a horizontal position. The third lift stage raises the entire pickup/conveyor assembly, arching toward its fully folded position
  • Even weight distribution - Weight isdistributed almost equally between the tractor and the transport wheels spreading the weight over 16 wheels for a smoothride, low compaction, and fewer ruts, even in soft ground conditions
  • Wide pickup heads - The 7.5 ft pickup heads can be easily adjusted to be centered on 14-, 15-, or 16-foot windrow configurations; and, hydraulic width adjustment is optional.
  • Versatility - Merge to the left, right, or center with the dual pickup configuration
Overall weight 14ft 2in (4.32m)
Working width 29ft 9in (6.07m)
Length 19ft 8in (5.99m)
Transport height 13ft 6in (4.12m)
Working height 5ft 9in (1.75m)
Total 9,550lbs (4,332kg)
Other Specifications
Conveyor belt width 35in (0.89m)
Max transport speed 20mph (32km/hr)
Operating speed 2-12mph (3-19km/hr)
Rear wheel tire size 11L x 15
Gauge wheel tire size 16.5 x6.5, 8 ply
Tractor Specifications
Tractor size 100hp minimum
3-point hitch Cat II, III-N, or III
PTO 1000rpm (choice of 1.375in, 21 spline or 1.75in 20 spline)

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