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Oxbo 2334 Triple Merger

Oxbo brings a decade of experience to its line of mergers.Oxbo 334 wide swath, triple merger

Oxbo pioneered and has perfected the triple merger concept and backs every merger with the best customer service in the industry. The Oxbo 2334 offers the widest pick up width of any merger on the market--a full 34-feet. The wide-swath Oxbo 2334 gives you:

  • High quality windrows
  • The ability to "Hay in a Day"
  • Uniform, consistently shaped windrows for smoother harvester feeding
  • The ability to feed the appetite of even the largest choppers

Features and Benefits

Oxbo triple mergers deliver ultimate in-field productivity

  1. Full 34-foot header width: Our patented design creates continuous pickup and crop flow
  2. Rubber mounted tines: Positioned every 2 inches for the full pick up width provide excellent crop recovery even in light or difficult crops
  3. Center cam drive: Stronger support and minimal gap between heads
  4. Wide shoes for a smooth head ride--even over rocks, chuck holes, pivot tracks, or ruts: Use of shoes instead of wheels eliminates header bounce
  5. Smooth crop flow: Crop has easy transition from heads to conveyor
  6. Positive drive motors: Located at each end of the conveyors for more power, quieter operation, and better crop delivery
  7. 41-inch high wind guards: Keeps light crop on the conveyor
  8. Conveyor trough: Builds a uniform, consistently shaped windrow for smoother harvester feeding
  9. Hydraulic float system: Innovative float system incorporates a nitrogen filled accumulator assist and a dedicated set of cylinders for a smooth following of the ground
  10. Narrow 10ft transport width: Provides extra safety and increased visibility for transport
  11. Steerable rear wheels: Gives you increased maneuverability and lets you get the crop out of the field corners
  12. Single switch control: Raise, lower, fold, or unfold heads with one switch
Overall weight: 13,375 (6,067kg)
Hitch weight: 3,500lbs (1,588kg)
Rear axle weight: 9,875lbs (4,479kg)
Transport Dimensions
Width: 9ft 9.875in (2994mm)
Length: 20ft 8.625in (6315mm)
Height: 11ft 1.5in (3391mm)
Operating Dimensions
Width: 33ft 9.125in (10289mm)
Ground Clearance
Hitch: 16.25in (413mm)
Center conveyor lift cylinder mount:  11in (279mm)
Rear axle: 27in (686mm)
Other Specifications
Drive system: 3 - PTO driven hydraulic pumps (1000rpm) 
Oil reservoir capacity: 64 gal (242L)
Pick up width: One 10ft (3048mm) and two 12ft (3658mm) conveyors
Pick up strippers: Poly
Pick up teeth: Rubber mounted (.23 diameter, 2.0625in spacing)
Conveyor belt width: 35in (889mm)
Max. transport speed: 20mph (32km/hr)
Operating speed: 2 - 12mph (3-19 km/hr)
Tire size: 16.5 16.1 - 10ply
Tractor Specifications
Tractor size: 135hp minimum
3-point hitch Cat II, III-N, or III 
PTO: 1000rpm (choice of 1.375in, 21 spline or 1.75in 20 spline)
Couplers: 2 sets of couplers (requires closed center or load sensing tractor hydraulic system) 
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Oxbo 334

Oxbo 334

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