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Oxbo is proud to announce the new 4334, the world's first self-propelled merger

  • 1. 41-inch high wind guards - Keeps light crop on the conveyor
  • 2. Rubber mounted 2-inch spaced tines - Excellent recovery even in light or difficult crop
  • 3. Easy to use controls - Adjust your merger on the fly with the ability to raise, lower, fold, and unfold heads with a well positioned joystick and easy to use controls
  • 4. Climate controlled cab - Features air ride seat and full visibility of all 34-feet of crop pick up; reduces driver fatigue and contributes to improved forage quality
  • 5. Center cam drive - Strong support, minimal gap between heads
  • 6. Quick fold access ladder - Step to operator's platform fold up and out of the way
  • 7. Quick fold heads - Heads fold up quickly for a narrow, 10-foot transport width; steps to operator's platform fold up and out of the way
  • 8. Smooth crop flow - Easy transition from heads to conveyor
  • 9. Conveyor trough - Delivers uniform, consistently shaped windrow for smoother harvester feeding
  • 10. Wide shoes - Smooth head ride over rocks, chuck holes, pivot tracks, or ruts; eliminate header bounce
Transport width 9ft 10in (3.0m)
Working width 39ft 9in (12.12m)
Actual width 33ft 11in (10.34m)
Transport length 23ft 7.5in (7.2m)
Working length 24ft 5in (7.44m)
Transport height 12ft (3.66m)
Wheel base 10ft 8in (3.25m)
Weight (full fuel) 28,240lb (12809kg)
Conveyor length Two 12ft (3.66m); One 10ft (3.05m)
Conveyor belt width 3ft (0.91m)
Strippers Poly
Rubber mounted teeth 2in spacing
Front 700/50-30.5
Rear 600/55-26.5
Front 7ft 2in (2.18m)
Rear 7ft 6.5in (2.3m)
Turning Radius 92.5in (2.35m) (inside front tire)
4WD, Low Range 0-17mph (0-24.7km/h)
4WD, High Range 0-30mph (0-48.3km/h)
John Deere 6.8L, 250hp, turbocharged, Tier III, Liquid cooled

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Oxbo 4334 Self-Propelled Forage Merger

Oxbo 4334 Self-Propelled Merger

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