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Oxbo 2470 Fresh Market Sweet Corn HarvesterOxbo 2475 Fresh Market Sweet Corn Harvester

Based on the long-standing industry leading Super Jack, Oxbo specifically developed the 2475 as a next generation fresh market sweet corn harvester which delivers increased productivity, performance, reliability, operator comfort, and control. The Oxbo 2475 represents a new level of efficiency sweet corn harvesting operations.

The 2475 was designed to give you the performance your conditions demand: getting your crop in when it is ready, regardless of field conditions

The Oxbo 2475 features a 275hp, 9.0L, Tier III John Deere engine.

  • High capacity cooling - Auxiliary cooler protects your investment and delivers longer pump and motor life cycle.
  • Redesigned dump box - Dump at any height. Simplified design eliminates bell-cranks, links, and cables to reduce maintenance.
  • Legendary mudability - The same mudability that made the Super Jack the #1 choice for North American processors was incorporated into the 2475.
  • Effective cleaning - Independent, dual controlled cleaning fans prove effective even in small grade beans.
  • Maximum control -  The Plus+1 system ensures easy operation and increases serviceability, while keeping you in control.
  • Versatile harvester - For sweet corn harvesting, the 2475 can be equipped with a CP400 fresh market harvesting head.
Length (without header) 30ft 2in (9.2m) (11.13 m)
Width (without header) 11 ft 3in (3.43m)
Height 13ft 1in (3.99 m)
Track 8ft 1in or 10ft (2.46m or 3.05 m)
Wheelbase 13ft 8in (4.17m)
Inside turning radius 12ft 9in (3.89 m)
Standard tires 24.5 x 32 12ply
Engine John Deere 9.0L Tier III
Horsepower 275hp (202.3 kW)
Dump box
Volume 530 cu. ft (15cu. m)
Dump box lifting capacity 14,000lbs. (6,350.3kg)
Dump height to dump box lip 8ft 8in – 14ft 6in (2.64m – 4.42m) without extensions
Tank Capacities
Fuel tank 240 gallons (908.5L)
Hydraulic reservoir 60 gallons (227.1L)
Cooling System 12 gallons (45.4L)
Crankcase 9.75 gallons (36.9L)
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Sweet Corn Harvesters 2475

Sweet Corn Harvesters 2475

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