Oxbo Vineyard HarvestersOxbo's line of Vineyard Equipment and Grape Harvesters

The Oxbo vineyard family offers a complete line of grape harvesters, with a model for every vineyard. Oxbo grape harvesters-- proudly built in the USA-- are designed and manufactured in a state of the art production facility in Lynden, Washington, where machines are built to customer specifications

Oxbo's PremiumSort Cleaning System


Oxbo Grape Harvesters

Oxbo 6120

Oxbo 6120 Grape Harvester
  • High capacity
  • Can handle steep terrain
  • Flexible harvester

Oxbo 6230

Oxbo 6230 Trunk Shaker Grape Harvester
  • Trunk shaker
  • High capacity harvester
  • Industry leading cleaning

Oxbo 3016XL

Oxbo 3016XL Grape Harvester
  • High capacity
  • Easy to operate
  • Tight turning radius

Oxbo 3009XL

Oxbo 3009XL Grape harvesters
  • Narrow harvester width
  • Tight turning radius
  • Extended catching area

Oxbo 3209XL

  • Ideal for GDC
  • Wide picking tunnel
  • New extended catching area

Oxbo 316XL

Oxbo 316XL Grape Harvester
  • Tow-behind grape harvester
  • High capacity