Oxbo PremiumSort System

Oxbo is proud to introduce the PremiumSort cleaning system, available on the 6120 and the 6220 grape harvester. PremiumSort has been designed with a simple by-pass system, capable of high capacity, easy operation and the ability to deliver straight to tank quality fruit.

PremiumSort Process:

  1. Leaves are removed using Oxbo’s three-fan cleaning system.Oxbo's PremiumSort cleaning system for the 6120 grape harvester
  2. Grape clusters are destemmed and the remaining rachis is discardly evenly into the vineyard.
  3. Grapes, petioles and jacks are sorted using a food safe, modular belt designed for longevity and to resist breakage even when encountering typical vineyard debris. Whole grapes and juice pass through the sorting belt while petioles, jacks, leaf fragments, and other MOG remain on the belt surface.
  4. Petioles, jacks and leaf fragments are fed into an auger and then discharged from the harvester.
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