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Oxbo 2470 Sugar Snap Pea HarvesterOxbo 2430 Sugar Snap Pea Harvester

Oxbo specifically developed the 2430 as a next generation multi-crop harvester which delivers increased productivity, performance, reliability, operator comfort, and control.

Based upon the legendary Oxbo Big Jack, the Oxbo 2430 brings unprecedented efficiency to sweet and seed corn, green bean, and other vegetable harvesting operations.

  • Premium product quality - Harvest high quality vegetables with the efficient 2430.
  • Easy to transport - Easy fit onto trailer for unrestricted long range highway transport to and from harvesting regions.
  • More effective cleaning - 8 blade fan rotor impellers create more efficient airflow and reduces noise.
  • Visibility and comfort - Maximum visibility and room to stand for reduce operator fatigue and increased harvester performance.
  • Versatile, multi-crop - Compatible with a four-row Oxbo corn head, CP400, VPC or other heads
  • Articulated chassis - Proven, four-wheel mechanical drive chassis allows rear wheels to track identically with front wheels for smooth responsive control in all conditions.
  • Redesigned dump box - 2 stage lift and dump for dumping at any height. Simplified design eliminates bell-cranks, links, and cables to reduce maintenance.
Length (without header) 21.75ft (6.630m)
Length (without header) 26ft 10in (8.18m) (11.13 m)
Width (without header) 8 ft 6in (2.59 m)
Height 12ft 1in (3.68 m)
Track 6ft 4in (1.93 m)
Wheelbase 11ft (3.35m)
Inside turning radius 10ft 11in (3.33 m)
Standard front tires 23.1 x 26 12ply
Optional tires 23.1 x 26 16ply
Optional tires 620/75 R26
Optional floatation tires 28L 26 12ply
Engine John Deere 6068HF, 415 cu., 6.8L
Horsepower 173hp (127.2 kW)
Dump box
Volume 390 cu. ft (11.04cu. m)
Dump box lifting capacity 10,000lbs. (4,536kg)
Dump height to dump box lip 8ft – 14ft 1in (2.44m – 4.29m) without extensions
Tank Capacities
Fuel tank 169 gallons (640L)
Hydraulic tank volume 50 gallons (190L)
Cooling System 8 gallons (30 L)
Crankcase 5 gallons (18.9L)
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Sugar Snap Pea Harvesters 2430

Sugar Snap Pea Harvesters 2430

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