Oxbo 2430 Pepper HarvesterOxbo 2430 Pepper Harvester

Oxbo specifically developed the 2430 as a next generation multi-crop harvester which delivers increased productivity, performance, reliability, operator comfort, and control.

The Oxbo 2430 is a multi-crop chassis with an integrated high-volume dump box. The 2430 can be equipped with a row-independent Oxbo VPCII picking head. The 2430 features an integrated fan cleaning system which removed deris for harvesting green, undefoliated crops.

Features & Benefits

  1. Premium product quality - Harvest high quality vegetables with the efficient 2430.
  2. Easy to transport - Easy fit onto trailer for unrestricted long range highway transport to and from harvesting regions.
  3. More effective cleaning - 8 blade fan rotor impellers create more efficient airflow and reduces noise.
  4. Visibility and comfort - Maximum visibility and room to stand for reduce operator fatigue and increased harvester performance.
  5. Versatile, multi-crop -  Compatible with a four-row Oxbo corn head, CP400, VPC or other heads
  6. Articulated chassis - Proven, four-wheel mechanical drive chassis allows rear wheels to track identically with front wheels for smooth responsive control in all conditions.
  7. Redesigned dump box - 2 stage lift and dump for dumping at any height. Simplified design eliminates bell-cranks, links, and cables to reduce maintenance.


Length (without header) 21.75ft (6.630m)
Length (without header) 26ft 10in (8.18m) (11.13 m)
Width (without header) 8 ft 6in (2.59 m)
Height 12ft 1in (3.68 m)
Track 6ft 4in (1.93 m)
Wheelbase 11ft (3.35m)
Inside turning radius 10ft 11in (3.33 m)
Standard front tires 23.1 x 26 12ply
Optional tires 23.1 x 26 16ply
Optional tires 620/75 R26
Optional floatation tires 28L 26 12ply
Engine John Deere 6068HF, 415 cu., 6.8L
Horsepower 173hp (127.2 kW)
Dump box  
Volume 390 cu. ft (11.04cu. m)/td>
Dump box lifting capacity 10,000lbs. (4,536g)/td>
Dump height to dump box lip 8ft – 14ft 1in (2.44m – 4.29m) without extensions/td>
Tank Capacities  
Fuel tank 169 gallons (640L)
Hydraulic tank volume 50 gallons (190L)
Cooling System 8 gallons (30 L)
Crankcase 5 gallons (18.9L)

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